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* For any of you San Diego State graduates, this means “what you’ll learn”.

Have you always wanted to write hilarious sketches for TV?  Or maybe you’re looking to do something other than work at your family’s wholesale mattress store?

This entertaining, informative 5-week  course, created by an Emmy Award-winning Saturday Night Live veteran will not only teach you the various templates of sketches — TV and movie parodies, original characters, fake commercials —  but you’ll also acquire the invaluable sketch writing Do’s and Don’ts, aka Hugh’s & don’ts** that will help your work stand out.

In order to master sketch writing,  you’ll learn how to identify whether your comedic premise is strong enough,  as well as  comprehend the best structural options for your material. By analyzing some of television’s funniest sketches, including Key and PeeleSaturday Night Live and The Chappelle Show, you’ll learn what it takes to create a successful submission packet that shows off your comedic voice.

Ever heard the expression, “no idea is a bad idea?” Whoever said that has obviously never had to sit through an unfunny comedy sketch. Fortunately, in this course, there’s no such thing as failure.  You’ll even have the opportunity to pitch your original sketch ideas and receive feedback from an accomplished TV writer-producer.

** Hugh’s & don’ts are patented, pending FDA approval.

Topics Covered

  • Political satire/social commentary
  • Music parody
  • One character, straight to camera
  • Conceptual, absurdist and breaking the 4th wall
  • Producing and selling your material

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Jan. 6 – Feb. 3, 2021


Wednesdays, 6-8pm PST
(9-11pm EST)



Whether it's at Saturday Night Live, The Writers Guild Awards,  or Montreal's Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, I've been working with Hugh Fink for 25 years, and that little prick is hilarious.

aka Todd Packer,
NBC's The Office

David Koechner

American Dad

From the characters he's voiced on American Dad to the packed comedy clubs I've witnessed him slay as a standup, Hugh Fink is hands down one of the funniest humans I know. It's not easy to make Hollywood's most seasoned (read: jaded) writers howl with laughter, yet Mr. Fink has produced the Writers Guild's annual awards ceremony for the last six years in a row. A true master of the form and bona fide living legend.

Co-Creator/Exec Producer,
American Dad